Starbucks Bathroom COMPROMISED, What This Kid Found Under The Sink TRAUMATIZED Him!

Bathrooms are the private places where everyone feels free to do whatever they want. Everyone wants some quiet time when he/ she is in the bathroom. It’s a place where everyone is free of his or her own will and desire.

But you are not going to believe what else you can find inside a bathroom. A five- year old boy found something inside this famous hotel’s bathroom. And we are going to reveal what he had found and in which hotel?

Public restrooms are peculiar places that we loathe to use. The shared spaces are often dirty and dilapidated, especially when it comes to popular places such as chain restaurants. The mother of this five- year old son will forever avoid public restrooms after her son’s Shocking discovery in a Starbuck Bathroom in Lancaster.

As the mother was using the restroom, she noticed her son staring intently at the sink. She gets confused by his behavior and asks him what was wrong.

His response startled her, “MOMMY, WHY IS THERE A PHONE UNDER THERE?” he said, innocently. Instantly her “Skin Began to Crawl”, as she realized what her son had found.

When her mother concentrated, she found a cellphone hidden under the sink, with the camera facing directly toward the toilet. The phone had definitely been placed there intentionally and was not the result of an unfortunate accident. “It had taken some work to get it to stand,” she said, “so I could tell it had been placed there purposefully.”

However, these types of news are getting more common every day. Common people had to be very conscious while using public washrooms as something might record some private moments, which you will regret later. Stay tuned for more viral content!

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