Woman Tried To Catch Her Boyfriend CHEATING – Ends Up REGRETTING It!

She surely didn’t expect things escalate this way.


Unnamed woman called a famous YouTube team to help her out finding is her boyfriend faithful to her. The team sent a pair of sexy twins to try to seduce this man so they could help this girl out.

Her boyfriend works at AT&T, so they brought girls in the house. When he entered the door, a sexy woman, wearing all-red silk greets him and starts flirting with him.

‘Have you modeled before?’ she asks. ‘I’m sure you have. You’re, like, super-hot.’ He only laughs and thanks to her.

Then, woman leaves the room and comes back with two pieces of sexy underwear and asks him which one she should choose.

Then, suddenly her twin sister starts to flirt with him to spice up the things.

It was surely hard to resist!

The girls were standing right next to him while he’s working and they said that they’re identical twins – but one thinks she has a bigger butt. So, they ask him for his opinion which one has a bigger but.

Just when you thought it won’t go any further than this, they ask him ‘What if you could have both?’

‘I don’t think I should be getting that involved,’ the man replies.

The girls didn’t want to give up, so they’re telling him that they really want to be with a black guy, and they ask him if he ever was with an Asian girl before. They even started touching him, until the moment man gets up and leaves.

They really went strong on him!

Woman watching it from her computer wasn’t happy at all, actually she was feeling mad and guilty, and she only says ‘He’s a good boy.’

After that, she confessed why she even wanted to set this up for her boyfriend: She is cheating on him and hooking up with her co-worker, so she wanted to feel better seeing him cheating on her too.

But, she didn’t get what she wanted, so they broke up.

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