ACID ATTACK In Night Club Leads To Something SATANIC And CHAOTIC!

In the early hours of an Easter Monday, Anthony Collins, threw an acid on a group of men he thought were harassing a girl.

Dozens of partygoers ran for life in agony and a chaos situation aroused.

A dance floor with soothing music and high profile sound effects turned into a near ‘murder zone’ in split seconds

Among then was Lauren Trent. She was celebrating this event as a birthday moment as she turned 22 that day.

The event at Mangle E8 in Dalston was organized by Lovejiuce, which hold similar events worldwide.

We reached the place at 8 or 9, the place was choked with people said Lauren.

Security measures were a little naïve as no one checked her bag or identity.

After hours of dancing I was ready to go back, grab and lunch and reach home, said Lauren.

It apparently felt like a fizzing noise, with smell like petrol and dense fumes all over.

Lauren hurried to bathroom with her friend for water.

“I touched my neck and skin was coming off”, I clinched the blisters off.

“I was in total disarray as to cry or scream”.

Lauren had third degree burns on her neck, legs, chest and foot.

Both Lauren and Sophie, her victim friend, gave their verdict during the trial.

Most of the victims gave evidence from behind a screen in the court but Lauren wanted to do it in front of Collins.

“He didn’t look at me; he had his head turned down throughout my presence”.

Now Lauren says she avoid busy public places and as an anxiety cum phobia encircling her.

“What he has done, has given life injuries to people and this isn’t tolerable”.

Collins never disputed throwing the liquid. The 25 year from Hertfordshire said that his attention was drawn by a group of men who were harassing a women and I felt agitated.

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