This Angry Man Didn’t Get What He Ordered At This Pizzeria, What He Did Next Will SHOCK You!

This is the story of a short tempered man who ordered a pizza at the shop. He was asked to wait to serve the order.

Once received, this guy hit the in store operator with a rock solid hit right on his head and down she went.

“This is not the pizza I ordered”, it smells bad and you have intentionally made me wait”.

The delivery person in charge wasn’t given any chance of apologizing for this unintentional move and was knocked down with a bang.

Most the clients rushed out to avoid violence. The incident took place in the capital city of Turkey. Ankara and Istanbul are famous for historical monuments and ancient preserves.

Police was called and had to intervene.

Martin says he had no idea that he would be so impatient and violent.

I am serving since three years and I am only a human and can make mistakes but all others have responded in a positive way.

This guy was so abrupt to react that I couldn’t even say sorry.

I think he had mood disorder or some sort of hypersensitivity associated with him.

The buyer, who got the wrong pizza, says he will sue the franchise for its poor performance and rough way of presenting pizza.

Such acts of violence have become a part and parcel of modern day life, as people hitting and abusing others is one way of relieving their frustrations.

But such acts could be detrimental for victim as he could become over conscious and fearful and could start avoiding people.

Love and mutual respect is the only way out for a truly cohesive and vigilant society to prosper.

Disrespecting others over trivial issues provokes violence and the assaulter could be a victim one day.

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