Backstreet Boy Nick Carter RAPES Former Pop-Star. Read All the DISTURBING Details Here!

90’s teen heartthrob and member of one of the biggest boy bands of all time, Nick Carter, has been accused of raping another 90’s popstar back in the early 2000’s. In a post on social media, former singer Melissa Schuman divulged all of the horrific details of her encounter with Carter at his Hollywood home when she was just a teenager.

Schuman’s accusations contain information about an incident that took place while she was a member of girl band Dream. She states that she went to Carter’s house where she expected to just hangout with the then 22-year-old star.

She claims that at a certain point in the night Carter began to kiss and touch her. He then brought her into a room in his house where he began to undress her. She allegedly told him that she was a virgin and waiting to have sex until marriage, but that did not deter him.

Schuman says that Carter forced himself on her, performing multiple unwanted sexual acts. Despite her consistently asking him to stop and telling him that she had never had sex before, Carter continued with his actions.

Schuman states that when she realized he was not going to stop, she simply blacked out and forced herself to go to sleep.

Melissa Schuman claims that she decided to share her story of sexual abuse because she was inspired by the hoards of brave men and women who have come forward with their own over the last few weeks.

Nick Carter, who is now married with a child, has yet to speak out on the allegations against him. Most likely he will deny all the accusations and claim that their encounter was consensual. Only time will tell if there are anymore victims who claim to have been raped by this Backstreet Boy.

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