A 20 year girl was fond of reading true love stories. She had never any idea that too will face the highs and lows of a love syndrome.

It was his college mate Chin, who had the audacity to propose her and she too fell the stigma of being loved and replied accordingly.

The result was the beginning of a lavish life in the suburbs of Beijing. Both worked in call center and both earned a good deal.

They were happy and there was nothing to worry about till she surprised her hubby with the good news that he is on his way of being called a father.

Ironically Chin was lost, done and dusted and started abusing and cursing the 20 year old.

She had no idea of what invoked such behavior as this news should have got a positive, in fact a humble hearting response, but not to be.

Chin had other ideas; he didn’t feel good and asked her for an abort.

She intelligently refused as she had read in the ‘fairy tales’ that you ought to be called a mom sometime in your life and this personifies love.

Chin asked her for exit of the baby or blackmailed her for severe consequences.

Rude and rash behavior of Chin forced the 20 year old into an assault. She attempted suicide by taking in sleeping pills.

She was hospitalized and her tummy was wiped out of toxins in time, which saved her life.

But her upcoming dream never came true but her placenta was intoxicated and lost the one she was longing and fighting for.

Such incidents really jolt the hearts from inside. The one who lost his or her life didn’t have any idea or what to come, so didn’t like coming into the real world.

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