Local Men Pretending To Be Uber Drivers ATTACKING Passengers, What Police Found Will Leave You Shacking In Fear!

A young woman and her friend hopped into a car with an Uber sticker on the window after a fun night out. They told the driver where they wanted to go, and he said that would be no problem. Then, in a weird turn of events, he stopped the car and asked the female passenger to get in the seat beside him. Hesitantly, she did as he asked.

The driver then dropped off the male passenger and sped off with the female. He took her to a local university campus, where he sexually assaulted her. Then, he hopped back in his car and drove away.

El Houcine Jourhdaly has been arrested for kidnapping the woman and sexually abusing her. Immediately after the attack, the victim informed police on the college campus what had just occurred.

Luckily, surveillance footage from the area where the woman and her friend got into the car showed police exactly who they needed to track down. Jourhdaly had allegedly removed the Uber sticker from his car by the time police found him.

When police questioned him about the assault and kidnapping, Jourhdaly reportedly told them that the woman was fully willing to stay in the car with him after they dropped her friend off. He also stated that their sexual encounter was consensual.

A representative for Uber has released a statement in regards to the incident, stating that Jourhdaly was previously a driver for the company, but was fired from his position two years ago. They did not give a reason for his departure from the company.

The woman who was attacked has spoken out about the situation she went through and adamantly states that she in no way gave the driver the impression that she wanted to go anywhere with him. She also said that she will more than likely never use Uber ever again.

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