Man on Benefits Unknowingly Owns MILLION-DOLLAR Blanket, But Luck Wasn’t on His Side!

Loren Krytzer spent several years on disability benefits after a car crash resulted in him having to have one of his feet amputated. Krytzer was so low on money each month that he made the devastating decision to send his kids to live with other family members just so they would have food in their stomachs and a roof over their heads. Then, one day Krytzer’s luck changed forever.

Krytzer was watching an antiques television show where one man brought in a Native American blanket that he had in his possession to get appraised. As Krytzer watched the show, it suddenly dawned on him that he had seen that blanket somewhere before. It turns out that his grandmother used to use the exact same blanket when Krytzer was a child to wrap up new born kittens. Luckily, she had left the blanket to Krytzer when she died.

Loren Krytzer immediately ran to him small pile of belongings and pulled out the Navajo blanket that he had never paid much attention to during his life. He decided he was going to get the blanket appraised and placed in an auction, hoping to maybe get a few thousand to live off of for the next couple of months. What he didn’t realize was that blanket was about to change his life.

The blanket went up at an auction and sold for a whopping $1.5 million. In fact, the person who bought it was the same man that Krytzer saw appraising the blanket on television. Krytzer was so overwhelmed with emotion that he almost passed out at the auction and had to receive medical treatment.

Since that fateful day, Krytzer has been able to get his children back and provide them with everything they could ever need. He swapped the shack he was living in for two houses and multiple vehicles. He has also been able to take his family on the vacation of a lifetime. Krytzer says that he is so thankful he sat down and watched that antiques show, because without it he doesn’t know where he would be.

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