New SEX PILL Out In The Market! This Drug Will CHANGE Your Life FOREVER

Drugs are generally chemicals used by people for medicinal purposes or seen as a way to relieve themselves of stress and achieve an ultimate high. Most of you would have heard of drugs that help cure erectile dysfunction but we bet none of you would even have a clue of a drug that could help you achieve the most impeccable pleasure in your life.

Anafranil, an anti-depressant, has been known to cause orgasms to people when they yawn. Yes, you heard it correct!! The drug can indeed help you masturbate at any place and time and you do not need porn and isolation for that, you just need to yawn.

Anafrilin which is also known as Clomipramine is popularly known for inhibiting the production of certain neurotransmitters which in turn help in curing some symptoms of depression.

However, the side effects of the drug include making people orgasm when they yawn. The fact has been scientifically proven and about 5% of patients experience the same condition while on Anafralin.

The miraculous condition caused by the drug is attributed to its affinity for the receptors found in human genitalia. The chemicals in the drug induce a smooth muscular contraction in the human sex organs causing a feeling of an orgasm or leading to an ejaculation.

There have been patients who have enjoyed the condition so much that they wanted to continue the drug as long as possible. According to a journal, a woman got hooked on the drug because her deliberate yawns made her come as and when she wanted.

Though the idea of consuming the drug to reach the peak of your sexual pleasures seems adventurous and catchy the drug has other side effects like fatigue, weakness, hypotension and other cardiac side effects which could harm your overall health.

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