Olympic Gymnast Gabby Douglas Reveals Her Own Story of Abuse by Team Doctor. Read the HARROWING Details Here!

Gold medal winning Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas has come forward with her own allegations of sexual abuse toward the USA’s team doctor, Larry Nassar. These claims come just a few weeks after her teammate, Aly Raisman, posted on social media about her own personal experience enduring Nassar’s abuse.

In a social media post of her own, Douglas shares with readers that she and her teammates were trained not to discuss the abuse they were going through. She says that in a way they were desensitized to all of the misconduct that was carried out against them because they were so focused on winning at the Olympics.

Douglas’ confession of abuse comes on the heels of some controversial statements she made when Raisman came forward with her accusations against the doctor. In her post, Raisman highlighted how women’s clothing should not be a focus in incidents of sexual abuse.

However, Douglas appeared to have a different opinion on that matter and she stated that women have the duty to wear appropriate clothing so as not to draw in the wrong kind of attention.

Many people, including some of Douglas’ other teammates, took her comments negatively and berated her for essentially victim-shaming. Gabby Douglas has since apologized for her comments and expressed her full support of Raisman’s bravery. It appears that Raisman’s decision to speak out influenced Douglas to share her own story, too.

Larry Nassar, the team doctor, has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse against minors. He is facing at least over 20 years in prison if he is found guilty of his charges. While no other Team USA Olympic gymnasts have come forward with their own accusations yet, it will not be surprising if, in the next few weeks, more brave women begin to share their stories.

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