Teen DIES Trying to Protect His Mother from a Horrific Fate. Who Killed Him Will Leave You SHOOK!

Jaishaun Williams died while trying to protect his mother from a brutal attack. The person attacking his mother was his own father. In the struggle to save his mom from a horrific ending, Williams’ dad ended up shooting him. Unfortunately, his attempt to save his mom was not enough and she was also killed.

When police arrived at the scene of the crime, they located Jaishaun and his mother’s bodies on the floor of their home in a giant pool of blood. Jaishaun was miraculously still alive and taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. His mother was already dead when authorities found them.


Jaishaun Williams’ father was nowhere to be found when police arrived that their home. Officers were able to track him down and arrested him for possessing drugs and carrying a weapon without a license; however, he has yet to be charged with the deaths of his son and wife. Despite not being charged, police say he is their one and only suspect.

Jaishaun Williams’ grandmother says that she knows without a doubt that her child and grandson were killed by Williams’ father. She states that just days before the murders she told her daughter she needed to get a restraining order against her husband or else he was going to do something terrible to her. She describes her daughter as a loving mother who put her kids above everything else.

Police have yet to release in-depth details about the nature of the killings, like a possible motive or how Williams’ mother was murdered. They also have not yet stated when they are going to formally charge the father with the slayings. Authorities are using this case as an example for all people who are in abusive relationships to show them that they need to get help and seek protection from those who are potentially capable of causing harm to them.

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