Woman Asks For 2 Favors, SEXUAL TORTURE And The Next One Is Something Way WORSE!

We all have her own fetishes and kinks when it comes to sex and other people might find it weird or absurd but you can find the right person in a chatroom.

The trends of chatroom started way back when the internet was still becoming popular among people but has continued till date. People have been known to visit sites to hook up or find their perfect partner for a cyber quickie.

However, a woman named Sharon Lopatka in her thirties took her fetishes to the next level. Lopkata was married and had kinks beyond imagination. Lopkata was looking for someone who could torture her sexually before killing her.

She visited multiple chatrooms and insisted various men to do the deed but when they found out she was serious everyone backed out. Lopkata finally found the one she was looking for with username “slowhand”.

The man agreed to torture her and then kill her after he was done. Lopkata originally a resident of Baltimore left home with the excuse of meeting her friends in Virginia and willingly traveled to her own death.

Slowhand did as decided and Lopkata was killed. Slowhand was later identified as Robert Glass aged 45 and divorced. Lopkata’s husband filed for a missing person report after his wife did not return home.

The police began to investigate the case and found a computer in the family’s room and examined it for some clue on her location. They found the e-mails that she had exchanged with Robert and the whole conversation led the police to Lopkata’s dead body.

Lopkata had even left a note for her husband requesting him to not go after the one who did this to her. Robert was found guilty of strangling Lopkata to death and was sentenced to 6 years for voluntary manslaughter. We all have heard of sexual urges and desires but the extent of taking a fetish to this level was unheard of.

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