This Woman Charged With MURDER Forced Police To A CATASTROPHIC Chase! What Officers Did Will DISGUST You!

Florida women had the audacity to escape police custody and make them give a chase for her for the second time in three days.

She was charged with murder offences but she managed to flew gave the police a ‘clean chit’ as she rammed her car through dense traffics.

Police chased her throughout the thick and thin of the city in a steeple chase running but were unable to shot because of overcrowded places.

Finally, they entailed her from all sides and she had to surrender.

Once in the station some sort of the breach gave the accused murderer a chance to escape.

She did avail the opportunity and made police follow her for the second time.

Again the place was Florida and its streets saw a Hollywood movie trailer “too fast and too furious”.

She made her car run as she was heading to suicide.

Again she intelligently made her ride follow places filled with the hustle and bustles and annoyed the police.

Police again tried the same attempt of surrounding her from all sides to force her giving up to her escape plan but this time she was far more agile in deceiving them.

She was caught when the road signal turned red didn’t allow her to make a way through as even the pavements were done and dusted with people.

This steeple chase run was something very exceptional, an individual act of brilliance, one can say.

The alleged murderer, aged 43 knew all the ways coping and managing different circumstances all using her brain.

She made the police long for her, for the second time in three days.

Murderers, rapists, drug dealers and abusers have their brain an extra long battery life for the acts they do.

They maneuver and tackle situations with more vigilance and intelligent as their brain is acclimatized to similar circumstances.

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