Woman Stabs Grandfather 41 Times! What Police Discovered Was Actually Surprising!

When police entered the home of Robert Girard, they were not ready for the scene they were about to witness. According to reports Girard was discovered naked and face down in a pool of blood on his living room floor. It was evident that he had been the victim of a brutal knife attack.

Patricia Diocson, the granddaughter of Girard, has been arrested for the murder of her grandfather. Diocson was the one who called the police to report the killing of Girard. When police arrived at his residence, she allegedly told them that she found her grandfather’s lifeless body on the floor and immediately called the authorities.

Police reviewed security camera footage of Girard’s neighborhood and discovered that Diocson was the only person to enter the house on the day of the murder. She was apprehended by officials and taken in for questioning. For a while, she maintained her innocence and said that someone must have broken into the house and killed her grandfather, but after some time she eventually confessed to the murder.

Diocson told police that she stabbed her grandfather over 40 times. Her reasoning for doing so was that he had abused her for most of her life, and she felt like he finally needed to give him a taste of his own medicine. She claims that with each stab she felt like she was final being released from his abusive grasp. It is not known why Robert Girard was naked at the time of his death.

Diocson is currently in custody and awaiting trial. If convicted, she will spend the majority of the rest of her life behind bars. Those who knew Diocson and Girard said that they pair always appeared to get along really well. Neighbors says they are shocked to have such a horrific crime happen in their community.

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