Robert Chodyra, 46, from Grimsby, broke into the house of a random woman and attempted murder and raped her as she slept. Robert Chodyra is claimed to be a bodybuilder thug who subjected his frightened and scared victim with almost three-hour-long ordeal of sexual assault and torture.

The harrowing assault of Mr. Chodyra was considered as everybody’s absolute worst nightmare, at the court in which the victim, a young woman was repeatedly tortured and raped for around three hours. The victim continuously begged the attacker to spare her and stop the violent rape act, but he continued for the pleasure of sex and torture that posed a devastating effect on the daily life of the victim.

Robert Chodyra originally belonged to Poland and he told the victim that he remained in jail for almost 8 years in July 2009 for attempted murder and attempted aggravated blackmail by robbery. The court also heard that the raper told the woman that he had spent a lot of time in prison.


On investigation, it was revealed that the woman was tired and was asleep when Chodyra entered her unsecured house. She awoke after sleeping a while and found him wandering in her room. On asking that what he was doing in the house, he told her that he wants to have sex with her. The victim did fear his intentions and realized that it was not a joke and he was indeed serious about what he said.

The woman continued asking to let her go and don’t do this, but he repeatedly punched her face and kept hold of her by her shoulders. She said that she lost her consciousness when repeatedly punched. The investigators said that there was blood everywhere and according to the woman, he punched her around 10 to 15 times.

After he left, the victim stayed in her bed crying. After his boyfriend returned home from work, the police were alerted.

Well, it is a very serious offense of violence. Chodyra is expected to be registered as a sex offender for life.


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