Ed Westwick ‘Chuck Bass’ Accused of RAPE, Then He Does THIS To The Poor Girl!

The famous actor and musician Edward Jack Peter Westwick most popularly known by the name Ed Westwick and famous for his role on The CW’s TV show Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass is accused of Sexual harassment and assault by two famous celebrities.

The Gossip Girl is a popular teen television drama series. We will tell you about those two celebrities who accused Ed Westwick of sexual harassment and assault. But the real question is, are these accusations true? Did Edward Jack Peter Westwick really sexually harass women? We will reveal all the answer related to these questions soon.

Recently the time is not good for the Ed Westwick. Two popular actress claims that Ed Westwick had sexually harassed them and this accusation is not good for Edward’s career. We will tell you about that actress who accused Ed Westwick of sexual harassment and assault soon.

Actress Aurelie Marie Cao popularly known by the name Aurelie Wynn used Facebook as a medium to tell the world her story of allegedly being raped by Ed Westwick. Kristina Cohen is the first actress who made allegations of sexual assault against the Gossip Girl’s star Ed Westwick. According to Aurelie, she got invited to Ed Westwick’s rental home.

She said no and Edward pushed her face down and she was powerless under his weight. She said, “I was wearing a one-piece bathing suit that he ripped, I was in complete shock, I am also very tiny.”

Aurelie revealed another shocking information that at that time she was “seeing” Mark Salling and inform him about all this, but he refused to do anything about it. She said, “He pretended not to know Ed, then blamed me for all of this and broke it off with me.”


However, what would be the truth, will come to the light soon enough.

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