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Famous Singer “DRAKE” Stops Concert & THREATENS A Fan! You Will Be AMAZED By What He Said!

Well, in a live concert the entertainment and fun are unlimited. People enjoy the music and the concert to its fullest. Attaining a live concert is the most entertaining activity.  But it gave the opportunity to those who try to abuse women.

In this dark world, some people attain these live concerts for an opportunity, where they can perform groping of women. This is the worst thing happens in the live concert. Recently in a live concert of the famous Canadian singer and songwriter Aubrey Drake Graham, known mostly by the name DRAKE, he stops his performance and threatened a fan.

It is shocking; mostly performers never stop their performance for any reason. During the live concert of Britney Spears’s live concert, she faces a dress malfunction, but she didn’t stop her concert.

Then what was the reason because of which Drake stop his performance. What did that fan do, which make Drake so angry? All these questions will be answered soon. We will tell you all the necessary details related to that concert.

During his performance, Drake called the DJ to stop the music. He was performing his song “Know Yourself” at the Marquee nightclub in Sydney. Drake found that one of the people in the audience was groping a woman, and because of which she was getting uncomfortable.

Drake then roars, “you better stop touching girls, if not I will come out there and f**ck you up” pointing to one person in the audience, who was groping some of the women in the crowd. Drake then repeated, “if you don’t stop touching girls inappropriately, I am going to come out there and F**ck your ass up.” In an instant, the security arrived and the groper decided to keep his hand for himself, and then Drake resumes his performance.

It would mean a lot if celebrities encourage their fans to stop these types of criminal activity. However, Drake had done more than just encouraging. Stay tuned for more.

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