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Do Ghosts Exists?! SHOCKING New EVIDENCE Says So!

You would have heard instances of witnesses naming the murderers but this bizarre incident would give you Goosebumps as you read the article. You might have heard of spirits wandering places where they died or were killed but ever heard of a spirit reappearing to help police arrest a convict. This indeed happened when a lady’s spirit reappeared to help police arrest her murderer.

Zona Heaster Shue, a 23-year old West Virgina resident was found dead in her bed for what was believed to be a heart attack. The police did not suspect anything and her body was never taken for an autopsy. However, weeks later Zona’s mother, Mary Jane Heaster visited the court to start investigating regarding her daughter’s murder starting with her autopsy.

The autopsy indeed revealed that the reason for her death was not heart failure but a broken neck. The sudden turn of events surprised everyone and an inquiry was ordered into finding Zona’s murderer.

The circumstantial evidence pointed to Zona’s husband Erasmus Shue but it was not enough to sentence him. The trial proceeded and Zona’s mother was called to give her testimony. It was revealed then, that it was none other than Zona who had returned from the dead to reveal to her mother that her death was a murder.

Mary Jane’s testimony against Zona’s husband was so realistic that the court judged him to be the culprit and gave him a life sentence. It was later revealed that Erasmus was an abusive husband and beat Zona.

On the day of Zona’s death, Erasmus had broken her neck in the basement of their house and then dressed her up and put her body on the bed to give an impression of her death due to a heart attack. The next time you sight a spirit it might have appeared to reveal the name of the person who might have murdered them and not necessarily to scare you.

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