GIANT Crocodile Kills A Man. What The Locals Did To The Animal Will SURPRISE You!

Wild Savannah’s of Africa are a place worth visiting. You would love the exotic nature of Africa. Lions, tigers, beautiful chirping birds along with dense forestation make African wild an honest place to be in.

Three friends accompanied for a journey to West Africa. They had their times in Nigeria and were heading to Ghana now.

They were living in self-built castle in one of the tropical rain forests in Ghana.

They wanted to feel the nature so was used to do so that is living in the wild.

A beautiful lake was situated right in the middle of African wild.

Two of the three made a move for the natures call and third one felt a little bored.

He decided to move around and think over on his study project he is due to submit at his arrival.

It was evening time, sun was setting down. Cool breeze was slowly taking over the relatively warmer one.

He was in a mode of deep thinking as he reached the pond which turned out to be terrifying.

As he sat along with his feet dispersed in water while taking notes, a giant wild crocodile slowly paved its way towards him beneath the water.

He was lost in stream of consciousness mode and didn’t take notice of what was going in the surroundings.

The wild giant man eater had reached its prey, opened its jaws and engulfed Roy in one go.

His friends had a long and hard look to find him. They spent 3 weeks in Ghana just to have some clue of what would have happened.

But only a farmer was able to tell the real story of their friend when he told that he was in surge of a crocodile because she ate my wife few days back. When I cut the suspect into pieces I found the remains of shirt and pants which definitely belonged to a male.

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