When Are We Going To MARS? Elon Musk Says Sooner Than You Think!

Elon Musk’s plans must be taken seriously as the Tesla car founder has attained what he claims.

An engineer cum business man has recently said that he is planning to send passengers to Mars by 2024.

Environmental pollutions is degrading our nature so he want another home for humans away from this Earth.

He has opted for Mars as this planet resembles to our Earth in many ways.

It is said that some sort of life must have existed in the red planet hundreds of years before.

Now Elon Musk wants to colonize it by 2024.

The design of passenger space ship is ready and construction in underway.

Heavily guarded six vacuum engine spaceships will make people fly to Mars but not before 2024.

A BFR rocket, as Musk names it, will have enough energies and potential to throw people into space where they will stay and wait for space ship carrying fuel and food for them.

Passenger aircraft will then be moving towards its destination that is Mars.

Apparently looks a simple approach and everything is made to look well within the reach of being achieved.

But definitely it requires lots of efforts and too many resources for it to make happen and applicable.

Elon Musk has the ability of surprising the world with his technological innovations.

His famous environmental friendly Tesla model car has gained a lot of attention.

He is used to design equipments which are cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Mars invasion will demand much more than any of previous efforts but certainly the way he proposed the project it doesn’t seem out of range.

Reusable rockets packed in environment friendly will be launching passenger craft carrying 300 passengers into outer orbits by 2024.

Let’s hope everything works according to the plan and humans can have a home away from home.

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