Man POISONS His Son For MONEY, But What His Wife Did Was Uncalled For!

Parents are children’s gift from God who protect, nurture and raise them by sacrificing their lives for them. They teach us to love, care and live in harmony. However, the above-mentioned characteristics of a parent are not applicable for Ronald Clark O’Bryan who did something that will make the cruelest animals look kind and warm.

Ronald took his kids and their friends out for trick or treating this Halloween and the group came to a house whose lights were turned off but the day being Halloween the kids knocked in anticipation of getting some candy but no one answered the door and so the group moved ahead except Ronald who stood there for some minutes. As the group began moving forward Ronald came with a handful of pixy stix from behind and distributed it among the kids two of which were his own children.

At night Timothy, Ronald’s seven-year-old decided to have some candy from his stash and was reported dead an hour after consuming the candies. It was discovered that Timothy had eaten the pixy stix that his own dad had given him which resulted in his death. The stix were coated with cyanide and were recovered from the other children before they would eat them.

Ronald accused the owner of the house where he had apparently found the candy. However, the owner of the house had an alibi which proved true and it was concluded that it was none other than Ronald who had poisoned his own son to death.

On further investigation, it was found out that Ronald was burdened with debts over $100,000 and had purchased insurance in the name of his children. Ronald killed his own son to get money from the insurance policies to pay his debts. This proves that a human can turn into a monster for money and even kill his own blood.

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