The MURDER of Black Dahlia Finally SOLVED, The Results Were UNEXPECTED!

There are lots of cases, unsolved in this world. These mysteries are yet to be solved. Many cases are such that sometimes the peoples believe that they are done by some supernatural. But there is no such type as Supernatural; humans commit all crimes.

Just these are done so cleanly that everyone thinks that a mere human can’t do that. But the reality is that behind every unsolved mystery, there is a mastermind behind it and to solve this mystery we need another mastermind who can outrun the criminal mastermind.

Such is the case of The Famous Black Dahlia murder. Which was unsolved until now. And we are going to reveal some of the inner details that you wouldn’t even know.

Elizabeth Short was just 22 years old when she met her terrifying fate. In a vacant lot in Los Angeles, the body severed in two half was found. Hauntingly, her corpse was entirely drained of blood and her mouth was cut into a sinister smile.

Meanwhile, De River planted an article in a magazine, laden with words to tempt the killer to contact him. De River met with “Jack Sand” who sent a letter to the police station claiming he knows the criminal, his true identity was Leslie Dillon, the true killer.

Although, the police solved this case and catch the murderer, but it was a horrible crime. The killer was De River and Leslie Dillon and with right investigation and uncorrupted officers they get caught up. And finally this 70-year-old case had come to its end.

How masterminded the criminal is, the criminals always makes mistakes and we need a sharp mind who can spot that mistakes and catch these criminals. Stay tune for more of these news.

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