Reason Behind California’s School SHOOTING REVEALED! What This Man Did Was OUTRAGEOUS!

We all know about the man who crazily started shooting everywhere. He shot in a school result in loss of lives. He was a madman. Who in the world shoot inside a school full of children? Everyone had seen that madness, but there is something new. No one knows why that man started that mass shooting? Why did he go on a rampage?

What happened to him? Why did he shoot at the school? All these questions remain unanswered after his death. But not for long, we have evidence and thesis, which will answer all these questions. We know the answer to all these mysterious questions and we will tell you soon. We will reveal the details regarding that madness shooting, and tell you from where it started.

The man behind that mass murdering and shooting is known by the name Kevin Jonson Neal. He killed 4 people and injured many. He is that animal who fired the bullet inside an elementary school, which was Rancho Tehama School.

But the reason behind his madness remains a mystery after his death. But we have discovered the reason, because of which he goes on the rampage? We know why he starts that firing? It all starts at his house. After his death officers went to his house, where they found his wife dead and her body hidden underneath floorboard.

According to our source, Kevin Janson killed his wife and hides her body underneath the floorboard. Officers found a hole in the floor covered with a carpet in which his wife’s body was hidden. After several investigations, police found out that, this couple used to have lots of fights.

On the day of shooting Kevin Janson had a big fight with his wife and blinded with anger he shot his wife and killed her. After hiding her body, Kevin shot two neighbors and took their Truck and went on the rampage. It clearly signifies that the fight between him and his wife started it all. Including his wife, the death count reaches to 5 people. Stay tuned for more.

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