This DISGUSTING Thing KFC Has Been Hiding In Our Food Will Make You PUKE!

The world is a mysterious place, either we talk about the Seven Wonders of the World or the secret behind the recipe of KFC. The herbs and spices used by KFC in their classic chicken recipe are one of the greatest mysteries of all the time.

But, here we are, we are going to reveal the secret behind the special and mysterious KFC’s classic chicken recipe. And for that, we are going to drop a clue about the recipe. The clue is just a question, which tells you a lot about the secret recipe of KFC’s classic chicken. Do you know how many people does KFC follow on TWITTER?

Talking about mystery, we don’t even know, if aliens really build the pyramids, but we may be one step closer to learning the secret behind KFC’s famous flavors after one sharped-eye twitter user. Who made a discovery about the secret recipe of KFC. Twitter user, Mike Edgette made a discovery that twitter follows only 11 people on twitter. And we are going to reveal the identity of the 11 people.

Like the DA VINCI CODE. Mike breaks the KFC’s secret code and reveals the 11 people who had been followed by KFC’s on twitter. Among those 11 people, 5 spices are based on the name of girls and the remaining are the herbs named of the guys. That means the recipe consists of 5 species (named after girl) and 6 herbs (name after guys).

Although, this is a clue to find out about the secret recipe of KFC’s classic chicken flavor. But can it just be these Species and the Herbs, Nobody knows.

However, if you thought that was the biggest mystery surrounding KFC then you are mistaken. It’s a lot more than just spices and herb that makes KFC’s chicken so good.

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