Two NYPD Officers Facing A 25-year Sentence For RAPING & Nearly KILLING A Teenager! What Happened After Was Even MORE SHOCKING!

We all consider the police department as the one who maintains the rules and regulations, and who arrests the criminals and maintain law and order in the society. But have you ever think of the police department breaking the law and becoming criminals themselves.

Those persons who were assigned to protect, are now becoming the criminals. We are talking about the case in the New York City, where the officers become the criminal. We are going to tell you more about those officers and their crimes.

This is an incident of New York City, where two New York Police Department (NYPD) officers raped an 18-year-old teenager in the police van. We will give you the details about those officers, who were there to protect but became the destroyer themselves.

Officers “Eddie Martins” and Officers “Richard Halls” were the two most desperate officers who were accused of having intercourse with the 18-year-old teenager after arresting her in South Brooklyn. According to our Intel these two police officers allegedly raped a handcuffed teenage girl in their van. Both men are convicted of first-degree rape and charged with 25 years of jail time.

Now, in this cruel world no one can even trust on the police department. The police are turning into the criminals and there is no one to stop. This raises a question is girls safe anywhere? If a cop can do that then it gave every single criminal minded person to break the law.

However, those officers are suspended and charged with first-degree rape, and if their charges, convicted they will send into prison for 25 years.

Although, they lose their job and are now in prison, but if the police department will do such type of crime then who will maintain the law and order?

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