Burger King INSULTS McDonald’s In The WORST Way Possible! Did Burger King Go TOO FAR?!!

Burger King always makes fun of his rival company McDonald, and this time the trolling of McDonald by Burger King is a new height.

In a recent event, Burger king trolls McDonald by releasing a tagline, which says “COME AS CLOWN and EAT LIKE THE KING.” It clearly denotes that the burger king is fully prepared to challenge his biggest rival named McDonald. This tagline was released for the Halloween.

But what was the reason for releasing this tagline? Why Burger King wants a war between him and McDonald? How did McDonald react to this? All these questions shall be answered soon. We will tell you all the details related to this matter soon.

This is the biggest fight between two popular brands, one Burger King and the second is McDonald. Burger King always tries to mock McDonald and now he had clearly signified that he is trying to pick a fight with the leading company McDonald.

We all know McDonald uses the clown as his symbol and McDonald is popular because of his clown symbol, and recently Burger King released a tagline for Halloween, which reads “come as a clown and eat like the king.

” It surely denotes that Burger King is signifying that “Don’t be a clown and eat at McDonald,” be a “King and come to the BURGER KING.” It’s really a meaningful tag, however, the McDonald had not responded to this tagline yet, but soon we are going hear from them, regarding this trolling tagline.

Burger King is trying very hard and is very desperate to make fun of McDonald and his clown symbol. According to the Burger King, McDonald is just a clown and it did not know how to make burgers. What is the truth and whose burger is the best is the matter worth watching. Stick together with us for more interesting news.

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