Mariah Carey CANCELS Christmas Tour. The Reason Why Will DISGUST You!

Mariah Carey has been forced to cancel the start of her Christmas tour due to an infection of her respiratory tract. The singer posted the news on her social media accounts to let masses of fans know that she will have to miss several of the first tour dates. She stated that her doctor has given her strict orders not to sing for a few days to ensure that her voice recovers completely.

The respiratory infection comes just a few days after the singer announced that she was suffering from a brutal stomach flu. Some fans of Carey’s are starting to worry that the singer is not going to be back in top health in time for the new tour start date at the end of November and they are preparing for the entire tour to be canceled. However, Carey is adamant that she will be in tip top shape for the first show.

Mariah Carey sings one of the most famous Christmas songs of all time, so if she is not able to perform that and other festive hits for thousands of her adoring fans, we think there will be a few issues. Many people are also starting to wonder if Carey will ever release new music and tour again. There have been rumors that she will only perform Christmas shows for the foreseeable future.

While many of Mariah Carey’s biggest fans are holding their breath awaiting the announcement that she will 100% be performing at the remaining Christmas shows that she did not have to cancel, we can only assume that Carey is taking all the recommended precautions from her doctor so that she can get back up on the stage as soon as possible. The world just wouldn’t be the same without Carey singing All I Want for Christmas is You every holiday season.

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