Mother Sentenced To PRISON For Taping Her Son To A Chair. What the Judge Said is Surprising!

Susan Malysa has been given a prison sentence of nine months for duct-taping her young son to a chair so she could bring her daughter swimming. Not only did she tape the boy’s ankles to the legs of the chair, she also placed a piece of tape over his mouth. Allegedly, the mother often treated her son and daughter differently, with the son getting the brunt of her abuse.

A family member discovered the boy taped to the chair and shaking from coldness when Malysa called her and told her that she was taking her daughter to the local swimming pool. When the relative asked if the son was going, Malysa allegedly told her that he was taken care of. Because the relative had previously witnessed abuse toward the young boy, she decided to go to the house to make sure that he was okay. When she saw the state he was in, she immediately called the police.

Susan Malysa was arrested at the local pool in front of her daughter and all the other patrons. Her daughter was placed in the care of the relative that discovered the young boy taped to the chair. When questioned as to why she went to such drastic measures, Malysa said that he son is a handful and that he is not well-behaved enough to go to the swimming pool with the rest of the family. Instead of getting a babysitter, she just decided to tape him to a chair so he couldn’t get into any trouble while she was out of the house.

During her trial, Malysa apologized to her son for the way she treated him and expressed that she did love him even though her actions often said otherwise. The judge did not find her apology overly-moving and told her that her behavior toward her child was so despicable that she needed to be punished and to realize what kind of torture her son went through at her own hands.

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