Students Saw This Teacher Snorting DRUGS! What Police Discovered Was SURPRISING!

A young English teacher at a high school in Indiana was caught snorting an illicit substance in her classroom. Though the room was not full of students at the time, a student walking by saw Samantha Cox leaning over a desk covered in a white substance. When the student realized what he was witnessing, he pulled out his phone and began recording the incident. Allegedly, another student walked past and saw the teacher snorting the powder, too.

Cox was removed from the high school by police just a short while later. Reportedly, the student who took the cell phone video went immediately to school officials with the evidence. Within hours, drug dogs were brought to the school and they began sniffing for illegal substances. The dogs led police right to Cox’s classroom where they indicated the presence of drugs. Police believe the substance Cox was consuming was a mixture of cocaine and at least one other powder.

Of course, the incident has been the talk of the school and town since the teacher was arrested in front of the school. Parents have expressed concern for their children’s safety after a teacher they trusted turned out to be a drug addict. The school, however, has assured them that police acted as quickly as possible and new regulations are being put in place to make sure that a similar incident never happens again.

The two students who watched the teacher snorting cocaine have been praised for their decision to report what they saw as soon as they did. Officials at the school say the boys could have kept the information the themselves or only shown their closest friends what they filmed, but their swiftness in reporting the situation resulted in the best possible outcome for everyone involved.

Samantha Cox is awaiting sentencing for her crime. She will most likely spend some time in jail and she will probably never teach again.

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