Troubled Young Man OVERDOSES In Front of Friends. Instead of Getting Him Help, They Do Something EVIL!

Joshua Rose lived a difficult life. His parents were not there for him while he was growing up, and he turned to drugs to help him cope with the pain that he felt from having no family support. One tragic day, Rose was hanging with a group of friends when he suffered an overdose from heroin. Instead of calling for help or driving Rose to the nearby hospital, they did something so despicable only the evilest of people could think of doing it.

Three of Rose’s friends witnessed his overdose. They knew that he was in desperate need of medical assistance, but they decided to take matters into their own hands. The three friends propped up Rose’s body, placed a hat on his head and put a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. They then carried his body to a car and placed him inside. When everyone was in place, they went for a little ride around town, driving past a hospital that could have helped Rose.

One of the passengers in the car placed a bag over Rose’s head. Another passenger had previously removed the jumper leads from the trunk of the car. Those leads were placed around Rose’s neck and he was strangled to death. After driving around for a little while longer, they then dumped Rose’s body in a secluded area. It took a month for walkers to discover his lifeless body.

A surveillance camera at a gas station provided police with evidence that showed the three suspects in the car with Rose while he was overdosing. When all three individuals were tracked down, the only female in the car revealed to authorities that Rose was alive when he was strangled. All three of the suspects have remained tight-lipped about the motive behind the killing and why they didn’t take Rose to a hospital right when they realized he was overdosing. The two male suspects have been sentenced to at least 20 years in jail, while the female received at least 15 years.

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