US Army Medic STRANGLED His 9-Motnh-Old DAUTHER! What His Wife Did Was Even More EVIL!!

This is really terrifying, we know that this is a cruel world and demon lives among humans with a human face. Every day we hear news about murder, rape and harassment. But the criminals make them all.

That person who does those things should be kept behind the bars as they are not human, they are animals, and animals should be kept inside the cage. We believe in the authorities, if anything wrongs happen, it is the duty of the officials to handle such matters. Police and military are considered as the peacekeeper.

Their duty is to maintain law and order. But what if these officials who are known for peacekeeping and maintaining law and order start to become criminals themselves. We bring today the news of a US Army man, who murdered his own 9-month infant daughter. This is shocking news and it is common to believe that these are just rumors or fake accusation. But the truth always tastes bitter.

This is the story of a US Army medic who murdered his 9-month-old infant daughter. But what was the reason behind his cruel decision? Why did he do that? What happened to him? All these questions will be answered soon. We will reveal every detail regarding this incident.

Christopher Conway is a 22-year-old US army combat medic. He was arrested for murdering his 9-month-old infant daughter after raping her. According to our source, Christopher brutally raped her and then strangled her to death. A call was made to the hospital, informing to bring CPR, which should be performed on an infant.

The paramedic rushed the baby to the local hospital and was declared dead after 40 minutes of arrival. On the other hand, Christopher had been arrested for murder and for abusing a child and more charges. The judge refuses to give him bail, maybe he also thinks that animals should be kept inside the cage.

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