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You Won’t BELIEVE President Trump’s OFFENSIVE Statement On The Texas MASS SHOOTING! What He Said Was DISGUSTING!

Donald Trump the president of the United States pass a statement on Texas shooting that will surely make you feel that the former president Barack Obama was the rightful candidate for the president of the United States.

It is very hard to believe that being the president of the United States, he passes this statement of the incident happens in the Texas. We will tell you about the statement that the president of United States Donald Trump had passed, and you will definitely get shocked on his statement.

During a conference in Tokyo the president of United Stated Donald Trump told that he thinks mental health is the problem there, the shooter in Texas was a deranged man who should have received treatment. This is not a guns situation.

Providing this statement Donald Trump had clear his way from the mass shooting in Texas. He also extended his condolences to victims of the mass shooting in the church in Sutherland Springs. He claims that this mass shooting is a mental health problem and the shooter needs the medical treatment.

The president of United States Donald Trump passed this statement while he was in Japan. This statement clearly proves that Donald Trump wanted to put all the blame to the shooter and the local people, instead of tightening the security and authorities.

However, it is true that the statement provided by the president Donald Trump was the silliest thing and instead of tightening the security and authorities, he is blaming the mental condition of the shooter and the locals for the mass shooting and murdered. That behavior by the president of United States Donald Trump is not appropriate.

Although, taking review on these mass-murdering authorities had to get strict whiling dealing with arms and weapons, so that this type of madness never happens again.

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