Draymond Green Was Charged With A $25,0000 Dollar Fine! The Reason Was INAPPROPRIATE!

Draymond Jamal Green Sr. Commonly known as Draymond Green. He plays basketball for the team Golden State Warriors of the NBA. Draymond Green plays at the power forward position. Draymond green is charged with $25000 fine and we are going to tell you why NBA star paid $25k as a penalty and who are those other player involve with Draymond Green and what happen to them.

Currently, Draymond Green is facing a storm of Problems these days. Recently the rumor about his affair with the popular TV personality and an American actress Hazel Renee is winding around and now this. It may seem little strange but maybe with his baby mama gone, he is facing lots of BAD LUCK these days.

At the game between the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS and WASHINGTON WIZARD, Bradley Beal wrapped up Draymond Green for some unclear reasons. Bradley Beal and Kelly Oubre Jr. pulled Green to the ground and attempted to hit, but missed. Bradley Beal Get ejected at the same time and Draymond Green was given his second technical foul, and game resumes.


On Sunday, after the game, which was held on Friday, the league punishes Green, Beal and Oubre Jr., Draymond got a fine of $25 k and the remaining two Bradley Beal and Kelly Oubre Jr. were fined $50 K and $15 K, respectively. But none of them got suspended.

However, DRAYMOND GREEN was not pleased with the fine. According to Draymond, he had no role in creating or escalating the fight. He said, “If someone hits you, you can defend yourself, It’s obvious. If someone tries to kill you, you can protect yourself, either by killing him, It’s called self-defense.

And I did not even throw a single punch and still I got fined”. Well that’s show Green is not satisfied with the fine. So stay in touch for more exciting and viral stories related to daily life and Celebrities personal life.

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