Jessie Decker`s MYSTERIOUS Family Secret Revealed! What Her Husband Did Was LIFE-CHANGING!

Jessie James Decker is a famous pop-singer, songwriter and reality television personality. She is quite a famous American celebrity. She had done popular television shows like “Eric and Jessie: Game on” and “Redneck Island”. She is the mother of two children. Her life was quite interesting and now she is giving clues about some mystery.

We are going to uncover this mystery about JESSIE JAMES DECKER and ERIC DECKER. Is about time to face the news that JESSIE and ERIC are waiting for another child. She is dropping clues about the sex of her third child and what she and her husband Eric Decker plan to name it. The most sensational question is about the sex of the child? Either the child is a boy or a girl? On the context of that Jessie James Draker said that she will give us the hint for the name of the child.

On an interview, she said, “I’ll give you a hint,” the Southern Girl City Lights crooner said. “My friends know I’m a really big movie buff and I named Vivianne after a movie character. She was named after Vivianne Walker in “Ya Ya Sisterhood”. And I love Southern names so the hint I will give you is I’m naming this baby after another Southern character from a movie.

“One of my favorite movies.”

In another interview, she expressed her feeling and problems related to pregnancy. She said, “The worst part [of pregnancy] is finding clothes to fit because I don’t think they have the cutest maternity clothes,” Jessie, who just released her new album Southern Girl City Lights, dished. “And my boobs get so massive, like humungous, that nothing fits. I can’t get anything to fit my body and it’s so stressful. My back hurts, so that’s tough.”

Although, she drops lots of clues about the name of her baby but she didn’t confirm about the gender of her child. We still waiting for the reveal the sex of the baby. It’s interesting to know that either JESSIE JAMES DECKER is having a boy or a girl?

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