Kim Kardashian INSULTS Pink! The Response Made Everything WORSE! Tylor Swift Is In This Mess TOO?!

Taylor swift is one of the popular singers among today’s generation. Her voice had proved her worthy of GRAMMY AWARD. She is quite popular among teenager, and it would be because of her Romantic song, stunning look or something else. But the fact is she is one of the popular singers of this time.

Recently Taylor has been in the headlines either because of her new album or because of her relationship condition or even because of her changing attitude. Today we are going to reveal the mysterious behavior Taylor showed to PINK AND KIM K FEUD.

Taylor has always loved Pink, she thinks she’s a strong, independent, rad woman, and a real inspiration and role model. She’s always been disgusted by the way Kim uses sex as her main currency. She thinks it’s sad. Taylor wouldn’t come out publicly and comment on it, because she knows she would get ripped to pieces.

But she really admires Pink and thinks her observations were spot on. Taylor doesn’t want to jump in on the Kim feud anymore, not in words anyway,” the source told us. “But she loved Pink’s comments.

Taylor drops her new album Reputation next month. However, an insider close to the 27-year-old tells that the singer doesn’t plan on doling out any public slams at the moment. At least not in the recent reignited feud between Pink and Kim Kardashian.

Though it’s safe to say Kim and Taylor are anything but friends, the “Gorgeous” songstress still doesn’t want to get mixed up in this drama. No matter how much she might support Pink privately. Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian already have major beef, so is she willing to get mixed up with Kimmy’s issues with Pink too? We are going to find out soon.

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