LeBron James INSULTS The New York KNICKS! What He Did Was SPECTACULAR!

LeBron Raymone James popularly known as LeBron James is a 32-year-old American professional basketball player. He is a player of the National Basketball Association (NBA) for the team Cleveland Cavaliers. Recently, after a match, he declared himself the King of New York. But why did he declare himself the king of the New York?

What happened which made him do that? Why did no one argue about it? All these questions shall be answered soon. We will tell you why LeBron James declared himself the king of the New York, and why no one opposes him in this matter soon.

LeBron James is an amazing player, with him at the team Cleveland Cavaliers; it is very difficult that they lose. And recently LeBron James has claimed himself to be the king of New York. After the Cleveland Cavaliers eliminated a 23-point deficit to pull the win over the New York Knicks, a total score of 104 – 109, the four times MVP is feeling pretty good.

James used Instagram to declare himself the King of New York. He captioned a photo of himself with, “You are Welcome”, while he was standing next to the Knicks logo on the court in New York. He posted this pic with a crown emoji, which indicated the King of New York.

Along with that, he posted it with a hashtags “my favorite playground” and his signature, “strive for greatness.” He had become the King of New York and no one dares to challenge him.

Although this is just the beginning, there is a long path for LeBron James to travel, but surely he achieves a lot. Stay tuned for more.

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