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President Donald Trump ALLIES With Indian Prime Minister To FIGHT Against TERRORISM! This Could Mark The Start of WORLD WAR 3!

After the terrorist attack, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offers his condolences on the New York terror attack to US President Donald Trump. Although it was already known that these two great leaders are already good friends and the relationship between these two countries are great because of these two.

India is already facing terrorism as a major crisis, and now the terror had reached to the United States. The person behind the terror attack in New York belonged to the Muslim Religion, as according to the Intel before he died, he shouted “Allah Hu Akbar” and it clearly indicates the growing of ISIS into the United States.

These two great leaders join forces to fight against terrorism. This joining of forces may result in the increase in the good relationship between both the Countries. We are going to reveal the plans Made by both of these great leaders together to fight the terrorist forces.

After Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi offer his condolences to US president Donald trump, they agree to meet up soon and prepare a solution of this Terrorist problem. These terrorists came from the organization known as “ISIS,” and we all know that the ISIS operates from the country named Pakistan.

These two great leaders join forces together to fight a common enemy known as the ISIS. This organization operates from the country Pakistan. But Pakistan denies the presence of any such organization. Then from where these Muslims terrorists keep coming from.

Well the truth is yet to be revealed, but one thing is for sure, in the upcoming time these two great leader definitely take some strong action against the terrorism and the organization called ISIS, along with the country from where its operated.

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