Russia LEAKS Pictures Of ALIENS In The SKY! The Following Was UNEXPECTED!!

Do you believe in Aliens? Do you think this world has lots of secrets? Do you believe that the world will end soon? If not, then there is something, which will change all of your reality. This is something that caused a lot of panic in Russia. It’s not an earthquake or threat from another country. It’s far beyond something you can ever imagine. We are going to tell you the mysterious incident that caused widespread panic in Russia.

If you are thinking this is the camera trick, then you are absolutely wrong. The real identity to describe it is still unknown. Scientists are searching for it and what was the cause of it, but the question is still unanswered.

In an interview, one of the locals said, “I went out to smoke a cigarette and thought it was the end of the world.” He witnessed this strange light behavior. Several local Russian residents have spotted a bizarre and unexplained lighting in the sky over Siberia.

This light incident started with a small ball and then starts expanding until it disappears. Many of the locals think it is the beginning to the world’s end. Many think it’s the UFO approaching, some think it’s just the northern light, some of them even think that this is the symbol of the opening of another dimension’s portal. But none of their assumptions were true.

However, the Russian defense ministry claims that this could be an unusual object flying at high speed over northern Siberia and confirmed that missile tests and exercises were conducted from submarined and aircrafts that night.

The test launch of a powerful Topol rocket happened that night. The Russian media confirms that the bizarre light in the sky is caused by the trail from this rocket.

Although the Russian defense ministry claims it to be a reflection of light from a powerful rocket, but the reality is still unknown. Stay tuned for more.

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