Taylor Swift’s New Song REVEALS Her Feelings Toward SOMEONE Unexpected! The Response Was SHOCKING!

Taylor Swift is an amazing singer. Her songs always define someone. Listening to Taylor’s song proceed on two different levels. The first one is the cursory listener, who differentiates Taylor’s past songs with Taylor’s new release, and the second one who is the deep listener, who reveals the songs to the secret reference of her life.

Here come Taylor’s new songs “I Did Something Bad,” and this song is definitely referring to someone in her life. We will tell you about the one whom this song is written, the special persons to whom Taylor has secretly dedicated it.

Here we are talking about the famous celebrities, which play a major role in Taylor Swift’s personal life. As a habit, Taylor released this song as a message for that celebrities and we will tell you about those celebrities, whom this song refers to, and why did Taylor refer those celebrities in her song lyrics.

The celebrities to whom the songs refer are the one who took more interest in Taylor Swift’s personal life. Those celebrities are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West, and also the exes Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston.

On the line “I never trust a narcissist, but they love me, so I play them like a violin and make it look so easy. As for every lie, I tell them they tell me three. That’s how the world Works, and now he thinks about is me.” These are the lines, which refer to Kanye West. Surely these lines tell lots about Kanye West and Taylor Swift past relation.


Although, many of the lines in Taylor’s songs refer to many celebrities comes into her life, but that’s Taylor and it’s her STYLE.

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