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TV Show ”Game of Thrones” Actors LEAKED Spoilers For The UPCOMING FINAL Season! NOBODY Expected What Would Happen Next!

A game of throne is one of the most popular and worldwide famous television show, telecast on HBO. From the first season and up until now the popularity of this show has created heights.

The stars were admired by most of the people through the world, and among all these different stars, the most famous character in this series is the mother of dragon, breaker of chains, and the queen of all the seven kingdoms known by the name Daenerys Targaryen. The most beautiful and cute actress named Emilia Clarke performed this character.

According to our source, The mother of dragons and the queen of cute, Emilia Clarke, who is 31 year old posted a happy reunion with her former co-star of show Games of Throne, and her character’s first love Jason Momoa, a 38 year old hunk. This all feels like Daenerys reunited with Khal Drogo.

And their reunion was so adorable. They were co-stars in the 1st season and after the death of Daenerys’s lovable husband Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa becomes the former co-star of the famous Games of thrones show. And after a long time the fans of Games of Thrones found Daenerys and Khal Drogo together.

In the first season Daenerys took Khal Drogo as her husband of HBO’s Games Of Thrones, but like most of the stories, Khal met an untimely death. It may not possible that these two lovers will ever get united knowing that the show will be filming its final season (spoilers!) But if Jon Snow can come back alive then who knows anything is possible.


However, John Snow should better watch out or else his love Daenerys will get reunited with his former love Khal Drogo.

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