Female Teenager Guilty of MURDER and Prostitution, Sentenced To DEATH In, You Will Be Shocked By Her Last Words!

Cyntoia Denise Brown is facing a life sentence for shooting a real-estate agent Johnny Allen in self-defense. Brown was left by her mother at the age of two and the adversities in her life never stopped from then on as she was pimped by a man named “Cut-throat” at the age of 16.

One night she was picked up by Allen who had dinner with her and according to Brown made unwanted sexual advances towards her. When Brown denied Allen allegedly gestured reaching out for his gun which prompted Brown to take out her own gun and shoot the 43-year old estate agent in self-defense. Brown reportedly then took both the guns and drove with some of Allen’s money to a nearby Walmart store.

However, the US judiciary adjudged Brown guilty of murder and prostitution and sentenced her to life and even denied her parole until the age of seventy years. The irony of the incident is that when Brown finally found a way out from the clutches of a pimp she ended amongst more than one like him.

In 2011, a documentary aired that revealed the life that the teenager had led and recently a petition has been signed by more than 200,000 people to grant her clemency. Hollywood stars Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Cara Delavigne have all come out in support of Brown who has now already spent 13 years in jail.

According to the changes in law in 2011 Brown shouldn’t have been charged with the prostitution had the case been considered later and we hope the US judiciary is ready to change their decision for the better.

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