This Man ABUSES & MURDERS His Friend’s Girlfriend! The Reason Is SHOCKING!

Pain is a highly unpleasant physical sensation that makes our life uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable but can excruciating pain lead you to murder someone? Sounds insane and bizarre right? But in a real-life incident pain became the main motive behind a cruel murder.

Antron Singleton, a former rapper who went by stage name of Black Lurch, was injured in a car accident where he broke his neck and suffered excruciating pain for which he was heavily medicated. However, the pain continued to haunt him even after he was discharged from the hospital making his life miserable.

Singleton met his former friend Moore at his place and the duo smoked PCP, a drug that intoxicated people as well as helped Singleton with his lingering pain. Moore used to live with his girlfriend Tynisha Ysais who was not at home when the two friends smoked together.

The next day Singleton felt his pain increasing and reaching the unbearable level and found out that his painkiller medication was not available at his home. He drove to Moore’s place in search of PCP which would have helped him deal with the pain.

He reached Moore’s place and knocked the door which was opened by Ysais who saw Singleton standing at the door with a crazed look. Singleton powered his way into the apartment which made Ysais shout in retaliation.

Singleton started beating her mercilessly to stop her from shouting until she went quiet. Singleton then began his search for PCP but found none in the apartment and the searing pain became overwhelming. The feeling of pain overwhelmed him and he grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed Ysais in her chest multiple times.

The violent streak unleashed by his pain made him go one step further and he ripped Ysais open and took her right lung and began to chew on it. Singleton then stripped off his clothes and began to run up and down the street forcing the neighbours to call the police who caught him red-handed. Singleton was sentenced for life without the chance for parole.

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