Logan Mott, accused of murdering his grandmother at his Florida home, has been captured after a manhunt that lasted several days. Mott was apprehended after driving to the Canadian border. It is believed that he killed his grandmother while his parents were out of town, buried her in the back yard and then fled.

Mott’s parents first became worried about their son and his grandmother when neither of them arrived to pick them up from the local airport. After finding their own ride to back to their home, they noticed that Logan and his grandmother, Kristina French, were nowhere to be found. The parents initially believed that the home had been burglarized due to missing firearms and furniture thrown all around.

When police arrived at the scene, they determined that some sort of physical altercation had taken place at the home. Upon further investigation, they discovered what they believe to be the remains of Kristina French. When authorities went to French’s home and realized that one of her vehicles was missing, they decided to name Mott as a suspect in her murder.

Allegedly, before Mott fled from Florida in an attempt to evade the police, he shaved his head and changed his clothes. He then took off in his grandmother’s car and headed as far away from the scene of the crime as possible. Police decided to issue images of Mott that said he was wanted for stealing a car and that he was potentially armed and dangerous. Mott’s parents issued several statements asking their son to return home and tell police what happened to his grandmother.

Logan Mott was finally taken into custody near the Canadian border. He is waiting to be sent back to Florida. Mott’s parents say they are relieved that their son has been found safe and sound and that they are willing to support him no matter what he did. They say that all they want is to understand what happened while they were away.

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