DRUNK Dad BEATS & KILLS His 4 Months Old Daughter! The Police Did NOTHING!

This is horrifying news of a 30-year-old Pennsylvania man, who got arrested for murdering his own daughter, who was 4 months old. This is so tragic, how a father can murder his own daughter, who was just 4 months old. She can’t even tell what he wants, she had just started her life and now she is dead because his father murdered him.

But what was the reason behind her murdered? How can someone murder his own daughter and especially how can someone murder a 4-month-old infant? Can someone be so cold hearted to kill a 4-month-old infant? All these questions will be answered soon. We will tell you all about the cold-hearted man and his crimes and also what he sentenced for by the authorities.

The name of the murderer father is George Gazzam, he first claims that his 4-month-old infant daughter fell off a bed. The name of the 4-month infant daughter was Victoria Gazzam. After the authorities consulted an autopsy of baby Victoria, it was found that the infant had suffered bleeding of the brain, a lacerated heart vessel and kidney, three broken ribs and many bruises.

Just falling off an infant from 2 feet onto the carpet floor could not occur that injury. The authorities then again confronted George and he told the authorities that he punched the infant child in the face several times because she was crying. He admitted that he had beaten her 4-month-old infant daughter because she won’t sleep and won’t stop crying.

Authorities had charged George with homicide and recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child. However, it is still unbelievable that a father can murder his own 4-month-old infant daughter just because she was crying.

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