Father Enters His Sons School & KILLS 5 People! What Happened Next Was UNEXPECTED!

Crimes are increasing day by day. We commonly hear the story of crimes like robbery, murdering or even hit and run. But there are worse crimes too. We are going to tell you about a crime, which will leave you in shock. We heard the shootout in the Church, Texas and here is the story of the shootout at the Elementary school. We will tell you all about the shooter and those who got injured and also about those who got killed.

In this cruel world, the only question arises in my mind is that is humanity still exist? Well, you will ask this question to yourself after knowing the incident has happened in the Northern California’s elementary school. We are going to reveal all the details of this incident and the shooter who killed 5 people and injured some children soon.

A man whose age would be in between 30 to 40, start shooting on the campus of Rancho Tehama Elementary School, in Rancho Tehama, California. That man fired multiple shots; police reached to the scene and killed the gunman.

According to the Assistant Sheriff, no student got killed, only one student at the school got shot and wounded. This shooting resulted in the death of 5 people, but fortunately no student died, only a few get wounded.

Although the police are not releasing the suspect’s name, no one knows what the authorities had planned, but they sure on a high alert to stop these types of crimes, before more people get hurt.

However, the main topic to think is the supply of the guns. The gunman was carrying one semi-automated rifle and two handguns. Stay tuned for more.

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