Hunter MISTOOK His Daughter For A Deer! What His Wife Did Will SHOCK You!

Walking your dogs in the park is one of the relaxing moments in your day where you stroll in the light evening breeze with your loyal companions as they excitedly play and enjoy the calm and serene walk with you. But for Rosemary Bilquist a 43-year-old New York resident, a visit to the park did not turn out be as she had planned.

Rosemary was walking her two dogs in upstate New York which was near her home in Sherman after 5 p.m. which was her daily routine. However, the walk with her furry pets proved to be her last one when she was shot by 34-year old Thomas Jadlowski.

You might be wondering what aggravated Thomas as far as shooting Rosemary while she was strolling in the park. The reason is that Thomas mistook her for a deer. Yes, you heard it correct Thomas took down Rosemary with a bullet because he thought that it was a deer. Upon realizing that he had shot a woman instead of a deer, Thomas quickly contacted 911 and pressurised Rosemary’s wounds until the paramedics reached the scene.

Rosemary was then rushed to a hospital in Pennsylvania. However, it was too late for Rosemary as she died of the wounds caused by the gunshot. The authorities reported that Thomas might have fired the shot after the legal time for hunting a deer and the case would be reviewed to figure out whether he would be facing criminal charges or no.

The hunting season has just begun and within a span of two days, it looks like the season is going to hurt the humans more than the animals. After six-year-old children being subjected to bloodshed and violence in Wisconsin a poor soul was killed in New York and this truly is an irony of sorts for the American hunters.

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