Man TORTURES This Woman For PLEASURE! You Won`t Believe What She Does To SURVIVE!

Have you ever taken a lift to get home or to someplace? The answer could obviously be yes. We all have at some point in our life requested for a lift when we were late or when we did not have the resources to reach our destination. However, one such ride home turned out to be the last one for Lisa Ryder.

After Lisa was done with her shift at an alcohol store she was waiting for her ex-husband to pick her up and drop her at her parent’s place. While waiting for her ex-husband Lisa came across Hale who had come in to buy some beer and found her waiting in a corner. Hale offered Lisa a ride back home but she was hesitant. Lisa agreed as she was tired of waiting and went along with Hale.

However, Hale did not follow the directions that Lisa gave him and instead took Lisa home claiming he had some important work. On reaching his place, he invited Lisa in and offered her a drink. Lisa yet again hesitantly agreed and after a couple of drinks and some talking the duo began getting intimate with each other. They ended up having sex and Lisa fell asleep in Hale’s bed but little she did know that she would never rise from her slumber.

It was later discovered that Hale followed Satanism and was a big fan of serial killer Ramirez. However, he was caught red-handed when he made the mistake of passing the information of burying Lisa’s body to his neighbour. Hale was sentenced to life for first-degree murder and abuse of the corpse.


The next time you think about hitchhiking with someone make sure you always remain in a crowded place to avoid such incidents.

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