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We all know about Mia Khalifa. She is a former Porn Star and She was ranked as one of the most famous among them. And by former porn star I clearly mean that she used to be a Porn star in the past but not now. She transformed her career into a different direction, which is quite better than being a porn star.

And talking about a different career many of the top porn stars had changed their direction. But we will talk about the former porn stars some other time. However, today’s controversial topic is all about the famous Mia Khalifa.

Out of Bounds’ host and former porn star Mia Khalifa caused major controversy on Instagram after photo shopping her head onto the Virgin Mary. Her decision to superimpose her head into an angelic image of the Virgin Mary did not go very well among her followers on the Instagram. She is being slammed with death threats and called “DISGRACE” for the allegedly heretical photo.

One of her followers on Instagram pass her an angry comment calling her disgraceful, He post the following line – “It’s not cool to make fun of what other people believe in. If you are in Europe you will be cited to the Court for harassment for impersonating other peoples beliefs! Get it together!

DO not disrespect the Holy Mary like this. Shame on you. Um p*ta Desrespeito (f**king disrespectful).” And the comments get angrier and angrier. Her little stunt for publicity or whatever reason she had, made lots of people angry and outraged.

Although whatever the reason she had, the little stunt for publicity didn’t go well and rather being increased in likes, she starts receiving angry comment and slammed with death threats. Stay tuned in for more!

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