Mother & Boyfriend TORTURED & MURDERED Her Son! What They Did To Him Before That Was Even Worse!

This is an incident of Los Angeles. This incident will shock you and it is the proof that alongside humans, the Devil also exists. In this incident a mother helped her Boyfriend to murder her own son. It is the story of an 8-year old innocent boy, who has been found dead in his mother’s house. After investigation the truth came out that he had been tortured and murdered by his mother’s Boyfriend and his mother helped her Boyfriend in this crime.

The boy named “GABRIEL FERNANDEZ” and her mother named PEARL FERNANDEZ. It was a shocking incident even for the doctors, when Gabriel was taken to the hospital, doctors found burns, swelling, 2 missing teeth, 3 broken ribs and cracked skull. They also found BB gun pellets lodged in his groin and lungs. The medical team at the Antelope Valley hospital tried everything they could, but they can’t save the boy.

The testimony was part of the case against Pearl’s boyfriend Isauro Aguirre who is 35 year old. Gabriel’s siblings also took the stand to reveal that Pearl and Isauro had allegedly singled out his brother for torture because they thought he was gay. Aguirre admitted to the torture in court but denied the murder charges, claiming Gabriel’s death was not their intent. Gabriel’s mother’s trial will begin when his comes to an end.

Although we all now evil still exists in this world but, nobody in the world imagine that the evil will exist with the face of a mother, This incident shows how cruel human can become, murdering your own child. I don’t think any mother can even think of harming her children. We will see what happens next. Stay in touch for more.

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