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New York City Is Under TERRORIST Attack! Could Trumps ACTIONS Against ISIS Cause WW3?!

In the modern world, the rise in the terrorist attack has become a major problem for our daily life. Every now and then we hear the news about a terrorist attack and the loss of lives in the same and now we hear of the terrorist attack in New York City. A terrorist attack has shaken the New York City and President Donald Trump is now eager to take the harsh step against this terrorism. We are going to tell you what actions president Donald Trump had decided to take against these terrorists.

Terrorism is like a disease in our world and it keeps on increasing day by day. We need to take steps to free this world from the disease of terrorism. The terrorist attack on the New York City happened just about an hour before the city’s festivals and parades were going to be start.

In this terrorist attack in NYC, more than eight people lost their lives. “It’s sounded like gunshot,” said a man who witnessed this catastrophic event. The truck ploughs into the civilians on a busy lower Manhattan bike path.

The police reported that this is a case of hit and run and the driver who was driving the truck was identified by the name “Sayfullo Saipov,” and he shouted “ALLAHU AKBAR” while performing this terrorist attack.

All the world leaders and president Trump offered their deepest condolences to the victims of NEW YORK TERRORIST ATTACK, and President Trump tweeted “I HAVE JUST ORDERED HOMELAND SECURITY TO STEP UP OUR ALREADY EXTREME VETTING PROGRAM. BEING POLITICALLY CORRECTS IS FINE, BUT NOT FOR THIS!”

Although, this terrorist attack had shaken City of  New York and President Trump had confirmed he will take strong action against it and the day will come when we will be free from this terrorism disease, but until then we have to keep fighting. Stay tuned for more.

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